• Why choose Satellite Phone Tracking?

    Satellite Phone Tracking provides a singular tracking solution and interface to manage all of your assets. We seamlessly combine GSM for ground transport, satellite for aircraft, and UHF for personnel into one platform. Simultaneous messaging can be relayed through multiple technologies and networks. While we rigorously support 3rd party networks and hardware manufacturers, as a one-stop shop for all your tracking needs we can also provide network communications and hardware.

  • How much does Satellite Phone Tracking Cost?

    Satellite Phone Tracking is a compartmentalized solution that offers basic and pro tracking service with various optional features that may be added at any time. We also offer satellite and GSM communications. In short, you only pay for what you need which will be based on the number of assets being tracked and how you want to track them. To learn more or get a quick quote just fill out this online form or call to speak with and SPT representative.

  • What makes Satellite Phone Tracking different from competitors?

    Satellite Phone Tracking is a different product than most tracking solutions because our software is hardware agnostic and network independent. In other words our platform supports every major manufacturer and we can easily add new devices as the needs of our customers require. From a network perspective we can simultaneously manage assets using multiple satellite and ground-based GSM which makes our solution reliable and resilient.

  • What about installation and updates?

    Software updates are accomplished online and in real-time to provide the best and latest feature set. Firmware updates, while device specific, are generally performed over the network. Otherwise, for specialized military grade hardware we provide an installer to load from a computer terminal for the trackers to be updated on site. Professionally trained staffs are available to assist and or perform your installation if needed.

  • Can I conceal the tracking from my drivers?

    The short answer is 'Yes' however this is often device dependent. Trackers can be installed in discreetly in a vehicle and run off-of a battery for an extended period of time.

  • How do I get started?

    For immediate assistance Call +1 877 258-3496 or fill out our online contact form and an SPT representative will contact you within 24 hours.