About Us

A premier provider of asset tracking, analytics and transmission services, SatellitePhoneTracking.com, offers end-to-end connectively, mapping and measuring for standard as well as custom hardware configurations.

As a distributor for many of the markets leading hardware manufacturers our company is able to offer a complete asset management solution that goes beyond the map and the connection to include the actual hardware which can be provided to clients at significantly discounted prices due to business volume and solutions packaging capabilities.

Different asset classes make different demands on their respective organization and SatellitePhoneTracking (SPT) responds to these challenges with a unique in-house suite of metrics and profiling tools designed to help our customers manage their information more effectively. With a platform that is both robust and dynamic we provide an adaptive environment that maximizes opportunities to discover and leverage efficiencies.

Our extensive portfolio of heuristic gathering and tracking technologies coupled with our ability to provision connectivity across multiple, ground and satellite-based wireless networks, simultaneously offers our customers unparalleled access to their resources and a strategic, competitive advantage in their respective marketplace.

Satellite Phone Tracking is more than tracking. It’s your assets, connected, mapped, measured and available, online, in real-time, all the time.