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Satellite Phone Tracking supports and sells hardware configurations from 2 dozen manufacturers, from fixed mount units to handheld portable personal trackers.

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Making tracks from Sea to Shining Sea

Utilizing terrestrial wireless as well as Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks, we offer a variety of comprehensive, robust tracking platforms that caters to the diverse needs of working and living at sea.

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Assets, Attitude and Altitude

Add another level of security, reliability and convenience to your fleet in the sky with our aeronautical tracking solutions designed specifically for the harsh conditions of a trans-atmospheric environment.

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Land-Mobile Tracking at any Speed

Vehicle tracking hardware configurations take many forms and offer opportunities for either covert installations or hybrid solutions with detachable units for extra-vehicular activities. Tracking hardware may also be integrated with complete 2-way communications.

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Your People are the greatest asset

Keep a safe, watchful eye of your employees with tracking solutions that are both light-weight and compact in form. A simple device weighing a few ounces can make a significant, positive difference should the unexpected arise.

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