What is Satellite Phone Tracking?


    As an internet based platform our facility, which integrates both satellite and GSM tracking for seamless global coverage, can securely transmit asset locations to your computer or smart phone via web browser or our custom app.


    With Satellite Phone Tracking, asset locations and movements, including position, speed, altitude and heading are tracked utilizing real-time GPS updates.


    Customize your tracking solution by triggering movement-based alerts or view daily reports confirming on-time, late or early deliveries. Utilizing GPS coupled with the most advanced network configurations allows globally dispersed resources, at rest or in motion to be accurately located and reported on within seconds.


Satellite + GSM = Seamless Global Tracking

With so many hardware and network configurations to choose from, you can depend on our universal net-based tracking solution to bring them all together.

Satellite Phone Tracking integrates multiple communication channels into a single tracking platform that supports virtually every hardware manufacturer and configuration from Colbham to Hughes to Motorola, from Inmarsat to Iridium to ATT, simultaneously in the air, on land or at sea.

Satellite communications can be compromised by topography in rural areas and in urban areas, when surrounded by tall buildings. GSM and newer 4G/LTE cellular coverage provide an affordable alternative and often times primary solution for asset tracking. Partnering with all major satellite networks allows us to supplement our clients cellular tracking capabilities with premium global satellite coverage for more remote, exotic locales where terrestrial wireless coverage is unreliable or non-existent. With a truly global networked tracking system, your resources are never out of reach.



Satellite Phone Tracking scales up without missing a beat. With its high performance tracking engine, customers can seamlessly and simultaneously track up to 40,000 continuously updating, real-time locations.


Satellite Phone Tracking maintains strict hardware neutrality and supports a variety of hardware configurations from over 20 leading industry manufacturers. As a hardware and network agnostic platform our tracking engine can accommodate any application and function.


With seamless, real-time updating capabilities, Satellite Phone Tracking provides clients with secure, convenient and worry-free firmware updates.


Security is paramount. From individuals to fortune 500 enterprises our transmission and tracking network provides secure point-to-point utilizing the most advanced encryption technologies.